Eye’s Open Project

I believe that it is my responsibility to give back as much as I take in.  For that matter, I believe that it is the responsibility of all people to take care of one another.  Perhaps if the world worked more like a community and less like an enterprise there would be significantly less men, women, children and animals unwanted, ill, starving and dying.  I have the opportunity to use my skills to help better humanity.  We live in a visual world and many times an image can speak volumes over a sequence of words.  It is my belief that my photography can ne used to raise awareness of issues deeply effecting the quality of life for people all over the world.


I launched the EYES OPEN PROJECT in March of 2008 while living and working in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.


I offer free photographic service to any non-profil organization that works to protect or care for children, animals, the homeless, battered women, low-income families, the elderly, environment or terminally ill.



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