Hi!  My name is Kirsten and it’s really hard to summarize all that encompasses me, so I thought I would just share some things about myself that you might not otherwise know.


~  I am older than I look, must be the awesome Swedish and Cherokee Indian genes!  :)


~  I was an elementary school teacher for several years, which really helps me when working with children.


~  Finding good light and capturing honest emotion are the two most important things to me in photography.


~  I am not only an Aries, I am a triple fire sign meaning birth, moon and rising signs are all in Aries.  It’s very rare.


~  If I were given a last meal, it would include 2 female lobsters, 3 dozen steamer clams, a whole steamed artichoke and one perfect ear of corn.  For dessert?  One small slice of my own carrot cake and keylime cheesecake, because I think I make the best.  I would also probably want an IBC root beer, Sprite in a glass bottle, one pint of Allagash White and a room temp. glass of Ravenswood Zinfandel.


~  I have watched The Goonies AT LEAST 103 times, including 3 different versions of it.


~  Babies and animals are strangely drawn to me.  I chalk it up to either my giant smile or nose ring.


~  I love playing tennis but am super competitive so usually I can’t keep score or the game will take a quick nose dive from super fun to you being my evil enemy.  I am working on this one.


~  My all-ladies team, The Firing Squad, just won the FINAO SCAVENGER HUNT during the WPPI 2010 in Vegas.  It was a super exciting honor with over $36,000 in fun photo prizes.  Rock on, girl power!


~  My Mormor, Swedish for mother’s mother, is my favorite person on the planet.


~  I worked as a volunteer photographer for 7 months at the Refugio Infantil Santa  Esperanza (orphanage) and the Centro de Acopio (animal shelter) in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico while I was living there.  I held a fundraiser as the end of my stay drew near and successfully raised almost $3000 to be split between the two organizations by hosting an image sale via my blog.


~  While Clinton was in office, I had the opportunity to attend the First Lady’s Luncheon.  All of the ladies in my family have done so as my great uncle was the State Representative of Nebraska for over 20 years, Mr. Bill Barrett.


~  Although I shoot mainly all digital now, my favorite camera in still my old Nikon 8008.  I actually own 2 of them still.


~  I love to cook and have been told I am very good at it, despite the fact that at one point in my life I thought that oil was ready to fry food once it was boiling.  Then, proceeding the small grease fire in my pan, I thought to put out the flames you simply stuck the pan in the sink and doused it with water.  Oooops.  Insert visual here.  Notice I miraculously still have a face.


~  I never really thought I was funny until I won Class Clown, Company Clown, Most Likely to Make You Laugh in highschool.


~  I love all kinds of music.  Some of my favorites are Ani DiFranco, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, They Might Be Giants, Eminem and the Avett Brothers.  Talk about a variety!  :)


~  My favorite part of my job is when I get a card, phone call or email from a client to let me know that they love their photos.  It makes all of it completely and utterly fulfilling!


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